Airbeds & Sleeping Bags

Does this bag come with a stuff sack? If so, what are the stuff size dimensions?

This info is on the specs for the Ledge Sports sleeping bags:

Stuff Dimensions 14" x 8"

Where you wanting the High Peak one?

Yes, I was wanting the info for the High Peak bag.

Thanks for posting back. I just sent an email to the buyer to see if we can get those dimensions for you. I’ll update my post when I hear back!

UPDATE: It sounds like we might not be able to get the dimensions. But, I promise if we do get them, I’ll be sure update my post again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I ordered one of the ledge sports sleeping bags on here before. It was perfect for my needs. They are lightweight and easy to store, but they are also surprisingly warm to be such a light, thin bag. Great deal. I may be purchasing more of these in the future.

Is the High Peak bag left or right side zipper? The picture looks like right side, but I would want left if I could get it.

Too bad tall people can’t fit in these. Otherwise I would buy one.