Airbuds or AirPlus Bluetooth Earphones Bundle

Airbuds or AirPlus Bluetooth Earphones Bundle

Will these ear buds work with Android phones?

As long as your phone has Bluetooth, they will work.

Are the earbuds in the “Airbuds” bundle a different model than the “Airplus” buds?
Looks like the difference is the charging pad accessories in the Airbuds bundle versus the silicone case in the Airplus but the Airplus seems to have some different specs with 50ft range and touch tech not mentioned on the Airbuds.
And the Airplus is referenced as i12 being the model and this is not referenced on the Airbuds.
Just curious if there’s a difference?

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Sound quality is subpar on these. Don’t waste your money unless for a child. They are also larger than Apple AirPods and fit tighter in your ear, which could hurt if you don’t have super human size ears.

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Airbuds uses a premium chipset which is designed by Apple (Airoha) with wireless charging capability

Aiplus i12 uses a more common chipset which is called JL without the wireless charging capability

Pretty big, kinda hurt the ear, always feel like they are going to fall out, audio isn’t that great - mostly because of how they fit, they sent the wrong color when I ordered them. I’ve gotten less for 20$ before… So I guess there’s that.

Thanks for the info. I probably would have gotten 2 sets of the airpods instead of 1 of each, the buds vs the plus. But from the info I have been able to research chipsets some more and see what the differences are. By midyear they’ll probably be ready for an upgrade since the chip technology is advancing so rapidly these days. Thanks again.

Airbuds “unsink” often. Between each other and with the Device you’re using. That being said, I got the one that comes with the charging pad and that pad works great so for the price you’re getting a decent deal.