AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

That stock photography is so stupid. “Why don’t you chop the random vegetables while standing behind me, honey, and to make it more fun, I’ll hold your elbow.” “I CAN’T HEAR YOU. I HAVE THESE TINY BLUETOOTH THINGS JAMMED IN MY EARHOLES.”


Seriously woot? Your now Groupon but you even lie bigger. they say normal price 59.99 you say229.99???


Can’t even trust woot anymore. Inflated prices everywhere, cheap Chinese knockoff crap, might as well shop on Wish, or eBay. Probably get a better deal too.


Thanks! Saved me from throwing money down the toilet.


Note that this deal is not for the Xiaomi Airdots that a number of tech sites have been discussing.

This video looks to be the same model as in the deal. It shows they have a silicon flap/loop/hook that helps them stay in the ear.


I bought a pair that I returned, they had terrible sound quality and weren’t pranded AirDots, these are actually these “AirTaps”

Not even the right product name, I used to really like woot but ever since Amazon bought them these fake deals seem to be cropping up more likely.


Thank you!! Just wasted half my morning before work trying to figure out which ones these are. Woot, you used to be my favorite part of waking up. Now it’s just annoying :frowning:


Also, why don’t these comments show up on the product page anymore!?!? It’s like they’re trying to hide the users from helping each other avoid these ‘scams’. Strong word but I don’t know how else to express the deception here :frowning:


Wow, I have to agree with the others, that list price is pretty deceptive. I nearly thought this was the Apple product from that bogus list price. You have to be careful on this site, these days. The deals are there, you just have to be informed. This listing is pretty disappointing.


Amazon garbage leftovers at retail prices. Ever since the takeover by Amazon real deals have become less frequent. The site is flooded with stuff for standard prices that don’t interest me at all. I looked at my 2014 plus vs. 2018 and i literally spent twice as much money. Clark deals and meh have been getting my money lately.


Hey, I’ve got a five dollar bill, originally listed at five hundred dollars.
I’ll sell it to you for twenty!


That stock photography is so stupid. “Why don’t you chop the random vegetables while standing behind me, honey, and to make it more fun, I’ll hold your elbow.”

I’m not worried about her right hand holding his elbow. Where is her left hand, what is she doing with it and how much of a distraction is it to someone using a sharp knife?


i bought these before christmas.
they are worth what i paid for them, $29.
yes, i wish they had longer battery life and were louder, but they work and i use them when i don’t want to have a wire connected to my ears (doing yardwork, etc.).

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Owned mine for a month now. No longer working. They won’t charge.

Seriously though, this was the first thing I noticed… They shouldn’t be so misleading as to write that it’s $229 MSRP, because in no world is that even true.

I also especially like the misleading photograph with the “AirDots” resting on the back of an iPhone X… subtle suggestion that these are like other “Air” items AirPods

Cut the B.S. already.


The featured comments (forget exactly what it was called) were done by a manual process that @ThunderThighs used to do. Since Woot offers so many more deals these days, it would take up all of her time to keep up with that.

Post count for the Discussion button has been broken since the new forums launch.


+1 stanhouse

Right??!! Totally ruined it when they were bought by Amazon. They used to have Twofer Tuesdays and they used to have really useful random crap that you didn’t even KNOW you needed until you saw it. I miss the old Woot. Amazon is Evilcorp.


Thanks for catching this. We’ve adjusted the list price to be more in line with our competitors.