AirDots Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

“Amazon garbage leftovers at retail prices. Ever since the takeover by Amazon real deals have become less frequent. The site is flooded with stuff for standard prices that don’t interest me at all. I looked at my 2014 plus vs. 2018 and i literally spent twice as much money. Clark deals and meh have been getting my money lately.”

What is “meh”?

I bought these. Great price. After figuring out how they worked, they worked OK. But one ear bud lost the ability to hold a charge after about a month and I returned the pair.

Yeah no, I’m not getting tricked by this shit, first the egregious “original” price, shitty fake name and crappy reviews on these everywhere I look, why the feck would I buy this trash?

It’s what the original creators of Woot did with their time after selling Woot to Amazon for $110 million. One deal a day at midnight - hit the “Meh” button if you think the deal sucks.

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Hi all! We’re sorry about the rather outlandish list price (MSRP). Obviously, our vendor had high hopes. As noted in the post above, we’ve changed it to match Groupon’s - a more realistic number.

So continue on with the discussion. Yes, we know some of you think we suck. It’s not the first or the last time you’ll tell us. You’ve been telling us that since 2004.

Happy hump day!


There aren’t many companies that see a thread on their own forums bashing them and not only allow it to happen but actively encourage it. :smiley:


Well then. Thanks for the above comments everyone. Now that we are in agreement that noone should buy these, can anyone recommend an alternative? This product appealed to me because they are small enough to fit in my ears inside of a full face helmet.

Amazon bought us in 2010.


When does the 90 day Woot limited warranty begin? Order date?

" For how long: Unless otherwise noted in the product details, a Woot warranty covers a period up to 90 days. The Woot warranty starts on the date of purchase, or until human civilization is destroyed by marauding creatures from beneath the Earth’s crust, whichever comes first."


Right, but when did Matt leave?

The one time I bought something from Meh I got rooked, and so did everyone else who clicked Buy that day. Instead of taking back the defective items for full refunds, they gave people partial refunds on the grounds that the items partially worked. If you didn’t like that solution, well, too bad for you.

I deleted their shortcut after that. Woot is not what it used to be, but Meh isn’t what Woot used to be either.


Where does the earwax go?

  1. Which is still before 2014. :slight_smile:

For the $30-$49 area and if you are not going to be super picky about sound (they work, don’t cut out, but not super bass etc) I can recommend the Tao Tronics true wireless, soundpeats, the enacfire 18, and the jlabs jbuds. I have tried all of those (family xmas presents for different ears) and they all worked well for me/recipients. Blitzwolf work as well - but they are a lot of hard plastic and a bit bigger so may not work as well under a full face helmet.

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Thanks for the reply, I looked them over and I am going to give the enacfire 18’s a try.

I bought two pairs. They are NOT AirDots they are AirTaps which is a very cheap CHINESE brand. audio quality is poor. I am returning them. DON’T BUY THEM. WASTE OF MONEY.

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Received these today. Al the packaging says AirTaps, not AirDots.
They are soooooo crappy. Absolute crap. Every kind of crappy that I can think of…
I was completely fooled by the list price, WOW what a woot- 29.99 for a set of 229 ear buds, 29.99 for these is about 24.99 to much.
Sending them back and never buying from Woot again.
What a joke. I feel like I got street hustled.

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Hi all. We checked with the vendor and a few orders were shipped AirTaps instead of AirDots. A case got mixed in.

If you are unhappy with your ear buds, please contact Woot Customer Service for assistance. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.