AirFit Frame System (Medium)

AirFit Frame System (Medium)

Is this supposed to be the P10 or N10? On the features page it shows N10 (which is a nasal mask), while the picture and specs tab show that its the P10 (which are nasal pillows). Which one is it?

WOOT, get your page in order. The diference does matter to us sleep apnea folks.

Hi there. It’s the P10.

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What is the headgear that is ‘not included’ - is the headgear pictured? Need to describe what you get and what you don’t get.

I used to use the P10 system. I will have to check this out now that they have redesigned the strap.

The RESMED site does NOT show these being separate… Not sure how new this change is. Surely not represented on RESMED website.