AirGo Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker System

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AirGo Bluetooth Outdoor Speaker System
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Amazon has good reviews, 4-1/2 stars at $170.69:

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Seems to be mixed reviews on the bluetooth functionality.

But most people love it when integrated with a Mac air port express. Although according to their product page, can only be integrated with a 1st Gen one, so be careful when picking out an air port express to pair with it.

Is there any info on the Bluetooth adapter anywhere?
only place it’s mentioned is on this listing, saying it’s for ios and android only. Does it require a phone app to work, or is it universal?

The description is INSANELY misleading!!!

The entire description talks about taking it hiking, out to the lake, at the park, etc. It even says…

“I love the outdoors. I love my stereo. The nearest OUTLET in the outdoors is indoors. What do I do? Give up? No! I do not give up! Get out of my face with your give up! I’m going wireless.”

Yet, unless you are dragging along a generator, the only thing you will be listening to is the Sound of Silence. It does not have a battery. It needs to be plugged in. This is just a stereo with a handle, nothing portable about it other than that. VERY SHADY DESCRIPTION!

I have had this for the past 3 years. I use a first generation airport express with it with airplay. It is in my backyard, and I can tell you that it is extremely weather resistant. It has sat out through three western New York winters, been frozen, soaked, heated up into the mid 90s in the summer, kicked by the kids, you name, it has happened to it. After all that, the sound is still excellent, and it works like a charm. It is loud. I can crank this thing and hear it a street over from me. The Bluetooth adapter can be found by googling the speaker and looking at the shopping results at the top of the page. It is a $25 dollar Bluetooth adapter that has a 1/8 audio jack, a USB dongle you put into it, and a power port. It, like the apple airport express first generation gets put inside the weatherproof compartment. If you did not care that it was weatherproof, you could use any generation airport express with it. You would just not be able to put the cover back on the weatherproof compartment. I highly recommend this speaker system.

This is universal with the Bluetooth adapter in it and apple only if you put a 1st generation airport express in it.

Here is a link to the Bluetooth adapter

So… Welcome to Woot! I’d like to inform you that all of the woot written descriptions are supposed to be funny, false, or silly… or stupid.

No, there are plenty of ways for other platforms to send audio via AirPlay to an Airport Express. iTunes on Windows can do it. In fact, any audio from Windows can be sent via AirFoil.

Even Android has apps that can make the same work AllStream, AirAudio

And there are plenty more examples. Just saying, AirPlaying audio to a first gen Airport (any gen Airport, really) certainly can be done from non-Apple systems. I do it all the time.

I’ve been on woot for years. I fully know the descriptions are often supposed to be “funny/silly.” This one isn’t really trying to be funny, it’s just being misleading. If it said “also doubles as a spaceship and toenail clipper” then perhaps.

If you say something to the effect of “Your only outlets are inside, but you want to use this outside (on a hike, by the beach) then this is the product for you!” Then you are being misleading. There is nothing “funny” or “silly” or “ridiculous” in that… Just misleading.

My guess would be whoever wrote the description thought it was actually portable/battery powered.

It is not.

Is it safe to assume, since this is being sold as a “Bluetooth Outdoor Spear System,” that it comes with the Bluetooth adaptor, which is even included for free with this item from the Russound website?


In the box:

Russound 3120-533723 AirGo Wireless Outdoor Speaker System
BONUS Bluetooth Adapter

Well, can anybody tell me how powerfull this is? No wattage info on the amplifier? If no watts info available it is like buying a sport cars without knowing the horsepower!! Power is very subjective matter and a little more info would be very useful. Can anybody help please?

Could not agree more. What the heck is the point of a “portable” speaker that needs to be tethered to a power cord?
Also, there is no such thing as a “single stereo speaker”. Another deal killer. Even in a small package, you can have some stereo separation, but not if you have only one speaker. We call that mono…and that aint funny. But it is silly. Pass.