Why can’t I see comments on here. Interested in thought on the $80 one vs the cheaper ones up on the site today.


Because nobody has commented yet. They need their morning coffee, I guess.


looked up the tr77

here’s a video review. the guy didn’t like the trigger at all.

and $125 on amazon


and the m4’S around $85 on amazon. her’s a link. same model, different color on the item page.


So - tried to order and it says it can be sold / ship to my zip. My zip is not listed on the list that it can’t be shipped to - help? Maybe you can PM me.

Sorry to be more specific - the TR-77


Sorry for the delayed reply.

I can help you, where are you ordering from and what form of payment are you using?


I can’t believe the worst two sold out before the TR-77! I guess woot! Must have 9877 of those. :stuck_out_tongue:

Woot! Should just delete the accounts of the whiners when they rage quit. The rest of us will buy their guns anyway. :smiley:

I said ACCOUNT, not POSTS, woot! Hehe. Now I forgot who was the latest rage quitter. But what was that about “subscribing” to woot!? You can SUBSCRIBE? I ought to have a lifetime subscription by this point. :wink:

Anyway, the tr77 has the best included scope. The Gamo scopes pretty much suck.


The m4-177 has been a blast to have. Tin cans shiver in fear at the sound of my footsteps.


Sent you a PM. No response from customer support yet - apologies as didn’t see your reply.


Anyone know of a decent scope that will fit the M4? I saw a video last woot and they reviewer ditched the sights in favor of an inexpensive scope that worked well.


Picked up the TR77 last week. It’s a blast. There is, however, a LOT of creep in the trigger. Planning on doing the aftermarket replacement that’s out there but don’t have the time right now.

HEY WOOT… Now that we’ve flooded the wooter market with pellet guns, wouldn’t it make sense to follow up with a variety of pellets, targets and such? A nice pellet trap for the basement range would be MIGHTY handy!!! Hmmmmm??? Just sayin’…


So for a newbie to air rifles - what type of pellets do I want to use and best place to buy them?

I picked up the TR-77.

If not on Woot - is the mothership Amazon a good place (I have free shipping over there)?


Airguns are funny things, even two identical rifles can work better with 2 different pellet types. Best bet is to try a variety of styles.

Amazon does sell pellets w/ free shipping, but I’ve heard horror stories on how they’re packed (a dinged/dinted pellet is useless)

I tend to buy crosman premier hollow points from walmart when I start a new rifle. However, the best place online that I know of to get pellets is They have a full-time deal of Buy 3 get 4th free on pellets and there’s often a 10% off coupon floating around online.

As for the TR77, it’s a great rifle for the price. I was blown away at how well it performs for a <$90 rifle. Also, the stock is hollow, and the butt-plate pops off and on. I used that space for emergency supplies, and spare ammo.


Thx for the info. Do you find Pyramidair cheaper than Wally World?


After doing some research I kind of wish I had ordered a crosman m4 before they sold out. I don’t really know anything about air guns but target shooting seems like it would be fun. Is it illegal to use these to shoot cans or targets in the backyard?


Just make sure you get scope rings that fit weaver/picatinny rails. It’s not a springer so you don’t need a special scope for shock. You might look for scopes with AO (Adjustable Objective) for parallax correction at short ranges. I’ve been looking at getting a Leapers 3-9x40, YMMV. Pyramyd has nice videos on scopes and mounting.


Thanks much ! Really appreciate you helping out.


Also, make sure the ring diameter matches the scope tube and if the objective is large get rings that are raised so the objective clears the rail or barrel (if a dovetail mount like the TR-77), the scope shold specify if needed.


About the same for the selection available between the two, but with the buy 3 get 1 free it ends up cheaper on PA.

To the one asking about legal matters, you’d need to take that up with your local wildlife/game or police dept. Each state, town, parish etc has their own restrictions. Some areas are so tough that you have to have a carry permit to just own a sling-shot. So certainly check before hand.