Airhogs Switchblade RC Plane price comparison post

Airhogs Switchblade RC Plane
$27.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • Spinmaster Airhogs Switchblade RC Plane

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Air Hogs in general get good reviews on Amazon, but I can’t find any for this exact model. Eh.

great price compared to amazon

this device always crashes on me…

How durable are the propellers? I know that it comes with 4 spare, but does anyone know how much of a beating they can take?

I got one of these at Wal-Mart for around 50$ or 60$. I may have been doing something wrong but I couldn’t get it to fly more then a few seconds. I defiantly don’t recommend getting one especially at 30$.

55 bucks at Amazon. A good deal, but who’s buying?

These are great for terroizing birds, especially pesky ravens!

Video was hilarious.

Is the fuselage Styrofoam or plastic???

[insert edit] is the Styrofoam conditioned with anything to make it more durable?

These are awesome! They are surprisingly durable and fast. The “hover” function is really cool too. I am partial towards remote controlled flying machines, but I think this one is outstanding for the price. I have one that I have been using for a while now, and it seems to be holding up just fine.

I get a different Airhog for my husband every gift giving occasion, but he doesn’t have this one yet…

What material is this primarily made of?

And can you fly it more than 5 times without breaking it?

The video idea is brilliant!!! Please do more of these. Especially if you start selling books.

I hope my flying Monkey won’t have a mid-air collision with this…

I paid 70 when they first came out at walmart. They are a ton of fun, and I got a solid amount of flying time. Thinking about it overnight will probably be in for 1 tomorrow.

It’s very durable. Mine has taken tons of wrecks and I have yet to replace a prop.

This would be the best if there was a way to attach a camera to it. Imagine the footage as it crashed into the tree.