Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Come on Woot! Give me something even more worthless to blow my money on!!

The medium casual is larger than the large sporty, right?

Wow, that isn’t a very tall carrier even if it says Medium and Large. The ones yesterday were taller.

If this is designed to go in the cargo hold, wouldn’t you want something that would be a little more sturdier than a collapse able carrier that would buckle under the lightest luggage?

I’m sure that the DreamCheeky Hulk Buttons and the Santana Gimme Caps will be along later.

It’s rather large for teacup Pomeranian’s I suppose.

Yes. And the Large Sporty is only 1" longer than the Medium Sporty, and less than 1" taller.

Yeah, I would be worried that a big crate would fall over and crush my poor pet.

And these would work terrible strapped to the roof of your car!

It’s just simply not a Woot-off! Without those Santana Gimme Caps and DreamCheeky Hulk Buttons!

Animals don’t go in the cargo hold with luggage…in many cases, the cargo hold is neither temperature-controlled nor pressurized.

My dog chewed right through this.

Any idea how durable this is? My dog chewed through a mesh kennel similar to this item when he was a puppy.

can this fit my kindergarten student?

These are NOT designed to go in the cargo hold. They are airline approved for cabin only. The carrying straps are to make it easier to carry your pet through the terminal.

Federal regulations for cargo traveling are a rigid wall kennel with a metal door only (or metal nuts and screw holding a fiberglass door on) that is big enough for the animal to stand without hitting the top of the kennel.

Most airlines allow you to bring pets as your carry-on luggage. These are designed to fit under the seat. Unfortunately they charge quite a bit of money to allow you to bring them.

Every time I see these carriers I wish I could use one for my cat, even just to go to the vet. But he’d have it in shreds before the 15 minute ride was over! My cousin has a small dog, though, and she’s able to carry him around like a purse when she visits from out of town. It’s so cute!

Thanks for the clarification, the writeup made it seem like it was for the cargo area where they put pets during flight. (The pressurized area of the cargo hold.)

Got this one and it’s really small.