AirPods Pro with Charging Case

AirPods Pro with Charging Case

I once bought an iPad through Woot and Apple wouldn’t let me buy AppleCare for it, can I buy AppleCare for these or no? I am very concerned about when the batteries die because I don’t think they’re replaceable. The cost to get a new set is $30 more at Amazon (woot’s parent company) and then you can get the $30 applecare+, and get the batteries replaced within 2 years. However if they die after 2 years, it’s $$$, so, it’s a gamble!

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Since these units are refurbished, they are NOT eligible for AppleCare.

So, you know, you can buy a single AirPod (or case) as a replacement if you ever lose one on, ie, a subway track. They’re not cheap, but you don’t have to buy a whole new set.

As far as battery life, I swap between my older AirPods and AirPods Pro all the time for Zoom classes and they generally make it the whole 2.5 hours… the newer Pros last a tad longer, but, with either model, you can just pop one AirPod in the case for a bit and then rotate in the next and you’re good for another couple hours! The sound is better on Pros, but the fit—for me—is better with the classic. I HATE the tips.

Speaking of Pro tips. Pro Tip: they make memory foam tips that work WAY better (again—for me) than the silicone ones that come standard.

Btw, one consideration when buying something is warranty/peace of mind… if you think of the price difference between these and new ones as a guarantee of new parts (with a year of hardware warranty) and the option to buy AppleCare, would that affect your decision?

Good luck to you. Enjoy!

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I bought new AirPods thru Woot when they were selling them for $189 a few weeks ago. Found out after receiving them that they’re sold by a third party and not eligible for AppleCare. Woot allowed me to return them for a full refund since they didn’t mention that in the listing. That’s not mentioned in this listing either.

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“Batteries are tested to function at minimum 85% capacity.”

Did I miss an iOS feature that reports “Battery Health” for AirPod batteries? It’s there for the phone battery, but how does the refurber test to “85%”… and just as importantly, how does the buyer verify battery health upon receipt?

Hard to believe the refurber charges up the AirPods and runs them down until they run out to test that % promise.

Today’s listing of the Pro models does not declare them to be refurbished. The listing of the regular AirPods are specifically listed as new. What’s up with that?

Hi there. These are noted as refurbished:


Odd I followed a link from your website and not only was it not described that way but were actually a little cheaper. Now I’m wondering if they aren’t knock-offs

Maybe you were looking at the 2nd gen ones?
Apple AirPods with Charging Case 2nd Gen

I don’t see any other listing for airpods on our site at the moment.

They aren’t knockoffs. We’ve sold these many times.

So, refurbished, means these have probably been in people’s ears before?

I see what happened I hit the link on the right side of your page “50% off on AirPods” thinking it would show the spec and model options. Turns out it sent me to another third party buying option. Do you know anything about them? Are they legitimate?

Oh, the ad? No, those are automatically generated, same as on other sites.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t particularly make those types of mistakes but it’s early for me. I guess I’ll have to deal with them and PayPal if it doesn’t work out.
I’ve been a member even before Amazon took over and always liked the site. Thanks

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So, if these aren’t qualifying for Apple Care +, then I’m better off purchasing them refurbished from the Apple Store, huh?! I do believe I’ll just go there and buy instead because

Anyone else come with one not working?

Also does anyone have tips on how to get a left AirPod pro to connect? It can read its battery life and the cases while in the case but just doesn’t want to pair out the case.

You might try these tips:

Sadly neither worked, atleast support will take care of me with a return.