Airsoft Rifles

Maybe im missing it but who is the manufacture?

Is the $129 AK47 Spetsnaz that same one you can get for $119 at airsoft station?: Amazon at $127 with prime?:

Or the $169 Blaser you can get for $135?: and for $159 pretty much anywhere else?

Is that a Kings Arm SVD you can get else where for $164?:

There is no deal here

I’d hate to live somewhere that outlaws the delivery of toy guns.

Or, real guns.

Just sayin’…

Yeah looks like most of these are King Arms brand. King arms makes some solid AEGs. But for pricing shop around. As pointed out the SVD can be found for about 160-200 on some popular online Airsoft retailers.
Of this bunch if you’re a serious airsofter you should go with either the MP5, AK or the P90. the sniper rifles are ok. But may have distinct limitations on aftermarket parts.

Oh silly Chinese designer…the charging handle on a 1928 Thompson is on the top, not the side. On the plus side this is at least two zeros cheaper than the real thing.

Blaser 28757 R93 Tactical Sniper Air Rifle
$169.99 with $5 shipping

A quick google search and BAM a cheaper price:


It’s a licensing issue. The design has to be just different enough so that they don’t incur the wrath of Auto-Ordinance.

Several airsoft manufacturers recently had legal trouble with Heckler and Koch for the same issue.

It is a shame… Woot! pricing definitely is not at a caliber to which I have grown accustom.

Okay, I believe you… but my tommy gun don’t!

the prices are bad, it’s just that for similar prices there are better options…

I want that P90 so bad just so I can be a part of an SG-1 team!

I would be VERY concerned about some trigger happy Cop shooting my kid if they see them carrying these around, orange barrel tip or not.