AirTaps Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

AirTaps Bluetooth Ear Buds With Charging Case

Such a great product that Amazon doesn’t carry it.


I really like mine but one side does cut out sometimes. Pretty good product!

I bought these last time offered. I’ve owned a lot of small earbuds over the years and these are great size…initially liked them very much. However, charging was inconsistent and had a good deal of trouble with the units powering on while in the charging container and had problems getting them to 100% - finally had to get refund. Maybe had a bad set.

These are good if you don’t like the things that plug into your ear canals. I had a pair and the sound was pretty OK.

The price is great and the design is very simple and attractive. They are smallish and don’t bulge out of your ears like some of the others and they don’t have those silly little posts.

The bad, they do not instantly pair when you take them out of the charger and the small buttons are not the easiest to use. The fit takes a bit getting used to. One of the pair went bad after a few weeks and would not hold a charge.