Airthereal Day Dawning Purifier, ADH50B

Airthereal Day Dawning Purifier, ADH50B

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What country is this manufactured in?

Most items on Clearance are from Amazon overstock and aged inventory so we don’t have a lot of information on them.

My mistake. This is from our vendor.

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What is the square foot that this covers?

Per their site:


I bought one, looks pretty nice, seems to work quietly, bought 2 more - all for my office.

Just received it…haven’t had a chance to try it out yet as I became distracted by the pictures on the box. My best guesses of what these pictures mean, in order from left to right…:thinking:
1.Do not drink wine :wine_glass:while using this product, or you may drop the glass and cause it to crack. :sob: Guess #2…Drinking wine while using this product may cause you to get struck by lightning.:zap::face_with_head_bandage:
2. Absolutely NO ice skating while using this product.:ice_skate::no_entry_sign:
3. Feel free to have an open umbrella handy while using this product.:open_umbrella:
4. This product enjoys being taken outside the house to enjoy the sunshine.:house::sun_with_face::+1:
5. The front (top?) of the product is at this end of the box. Do not insult it by grabbing it from the back end.:arrow_down::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I agree on the ice skating one. Seriously dangerous. More companies should add that warning.

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And this is the moment you realize most warnings came about as the result of lawsuits which came about because of actual incidents.

Which means someone had an unfortunate accident while ice skating with this.

How is this NOT a show on FOX?


I would like to know if the unit can be use for cars too and if is supplied with a car adapter as well ?

Found the manual. Looks like it comes with a wall outlet plug only.

I’m afraid it’s not compatible with car adapters.

no. just no.

@AirtherealSupport, where is this manufactured? In which country?

That doesn’t seem like a satisfactory response. I think as a consumer we have the right to have that information and should raise our concern, to get it passed as a bill.

Most everyone must have experienced the difference in quality, and durability of any product that is made in China vs. the same product made outside China. Not saying it applies to everything that is made in China though. I believe few manufacturers from China have noticed this consumer preference and so they started printing “Made in PRC” instead of “Made in China”!

@woothootin, I’d buy this in a blink if first image meant - Drinking wine while opening/using this product may enlighten the user! :rofl:

Many could use some enlightenment about using :mask: :man_shrugging:

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Many of the items on Clearance are pulled from Amazon inventory. We don’t have information on them so really can’t supply what we don’t have. We know that our customers are savvy shoppers and will do appropriate research before purchasing.

On this one, I was mistaken. This was an item we purchased from one of our vendors.

Hey…those pictures are open for interpretation. Feel free to make them mean whatever you want them to mean.:joy:

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@Wooter187812172, can’t find where this is manufactured, but found this article about Airthereal and their products, including this ADH50B…


…and based on what I understood from that article, at least in terms of certification it has passed the tests to be sold in US, (including California state), Canada. It doesn’t have CE certification so it can’t be sold in EU (European Union).

Hope this helps!

Don’t let me loose like that. I perform safer for everyone, when on leash! :wink: