AirTV, Dual-tuner Local Channel Streamer

AirTV, Dual-tuner Local Channel Streamer

Got one from Woot on the last sale. Pretty happy with it once I finally figured out to activate the sling app using (unless you are a SlingTV customer)
Only use the Sling app or you won’t get DVR.
Took me 10 minutes tops to be watching TV on my Fire Stick once I found the right URL to register

Just wanted to pass along some info in the hopes that maybe someone doesn’t get as frustrated with this product as I did. If you are trying to sign up for airtv for the free over the air option, not actually sign up for sling tv, you need to go to the following link: The link is not available from their web site, type it in yourself. There you can enter a user name and a password to register for free. This will activate your airtv device. All other links will require a credit card and sign you up for sling tv.

Once you have created your account, download slingtv app on your phone (ios or android device). You cannot do this step online on a pc or desktop, it must be a mobile device. Even though the app wants you to sign up for sling tv, enter the user name and password you registered with when you activated your airtv. This will kick off the install process on your device.

I tried to connect mine using a hard wired connection, but after 10 minutes of trying it was not able to find the airtv device. Then I tried wireless, which it also couldn’t find. I exited the app a few times and tried again, after a while it magically found the airtv device. There was a software update applied, then I was asked to name the device. It was hard not to call it PoSTV, or CrapTV, or Sh*tTV, as I had been trying to insall this device for over an hour at this point.

After you name the device it will scan for channels. Once that is done, you must watch tv on your phone or tablet, or it will not complete the setup. Once you have done that setup will finally be complete. When that is done you can finally use the airtv player on a roku on your network. I was also able to finally switch it to a wired connection vs wireless. The wireless light still turns on on the front of the airtv player when I am watching tv over the air, but the network connection light is on too, so, who knows. There are no instructions to let me know what each light means.

Took over an hour and a half to finally get this set up for “free”, and burned through 20% of my phone battery. Now I will test to see the video quality.