Akai Top Load CD+G Karaoke System

Akai Top Load CD+G Karaoke System
Price: $29.99
Condition: New

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Check out some reviews from Walmart

If anyone brings this to Thanksgiving, while I am there… :angry:

At this price I may need to purchase one or two for backup gifts for kids. Even if I do not gift them I am sure I can use it as a cd player (albeit a large one) in the guest room.

This may well be the biggest mistake I made this year, but I just ordered one of these machines. I bought it for my son because he and his mother actually believe that he can sing. What do I think…well, he’s no Frank Sinatra!

But he is my son and this will make a nice Christmas present for him. If his singing really bothers me, I could accidentally drop the machine out the second floor window. At this price I could actually do that without any strong feelings of remorse…it’s only 29 bucks.

This gets many SUCKS over on the mother ship.

Does Akai make a side loading version? I’ve heard that type of Karaoke system is more efficient.

@conanthelibrarian, not if you like their parents. :wink:

I’d be interested but the reviews over on Amazon are brutal.

Sheesh remember when Akai used to be a top name in Hi-Fi equipment?

Every year about this time I see Karaoke machines on sale in the stores or in the ads. I think these would be great for my kids. I look up the reviews on Amazon or wherever, and it always says it sucks. Never saw one over 3 stars under $100. Why is this?

Will this cure tone deafness? Otherwise everyone around me will need noise cancelling headphones.

My goal every Christmas ( for one particular set of friends) is to purchase something that the kids will love, yet drive their parents crazy. I have purchased drum sets, recorders, etc… The best gift though was a life-size version of Candyland. It spread throughout the living room and into the hallway. My friends were mad about that for weeks because the kids wanted to play it everyday. Every year they know something big is coming :slight_smile:

And some day, revenge will be theirs.

Thank you Amazon and Walmart.

You list of many lousy reviews have convinced me not to buy this!