AKG Headphones

I rarely have previous experience with the products being sold on woot and therefore rarely comment but this timeā€¦I do already own the product.

The AKG K495NC are indeed very good quality. I have used these numerous times on both short domestic flights as well as long international flights and they work wonders. They are on ear noise cancelling headphones and therefore have a higher clamping force on your ears so if you have sensitive ears cartilage these may not be for you but when compared to the over the ear designs, these provide pretty good noise cancelling. The feel of the headphones is very premium and they can work either with or without the noise cancelling enabled but I believe the sound is not very good with the N/C disabled. When enabled the sound is very good and does contain a little overly emphasized lower/mid end for the feeling of more bass. This price is extremely good for these headphones and I would buy these in a heart beat if I was in the market for N/C headphones.

I got these. They are not worth the money. Do not buy them if they are offered again.

I used them for a year, not very often and I think pretty gently. Today a plastic piece that attaches the ear piece to the headband broke. The headphones are now useless.

I was never particularly happy with them because my ears started to hurt after wearing them for two hours or more. The ear piece does not enclose the ears but presses against them.

The sound quality was good. But overall: Not recommended.