AKG N700NCM2 ANC Over-Ear Headphones (NEW) - Black

AKG N700NCM2 ANC Over-Ear Headphones (NEW) - Black

I went in for one, got it the next day. The only thing more amazing than the speed of delivery is the sound quality for the value. I was expecting similar sound as the galaxy buds+, but these blow them out of the water. The sound is crisp with loud bass. There are sounds I never heard using the buds. The noise canceling is good, not great, but work for what I need. If anyone is on the fence, let me push you into getting them.


I wanted to like these but they won’t pair with any of my 3 MacBook Pros. They did pair with my iPhone, but that is not where the music is.

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Hi, so sorry to hear this. Please contact Woot CS. From a browser, use the Woot! Customer Service form.

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