Yes!!! My favourite this week, i’m getting one :smiley:

congrats foo!

It looks like the sub from the game Battleship.

Yay for cephalopods! :smiley:

You can hear the little bizzaro Beatles screaming for help in their blue submarine. Blue submarine. Their blue submarine.

Express and Shirt.Woot had a baby!

In for one!

Sorry Woot, but I’m gonna wear the heck out of this in a landlocked midwestern state!

“Captain Nemo was right! Oh, how he warned us! Why didn’t we listen?”

i like it but im not sure how much i like it

Uh-oh, looks like the sub’s gonna be kraken up in a second.


I’m buying this shirt, and I’m gonna wear it in Minnesota, whether woot likes it or not.

I see where this is going… Gulp! Burp!! UURPPP!! “Captain, that was a nasty ride!”

Darn your speed vtrookie! I was determined to be first. Oh well I guess I will just have to try again and buy more shirts. It’s your lucky day woot.

This is the first time that I have checked every day of the derby to make sure a particular shirt was still in the fog. In my opinion, a GREAT shirt and it’s in an off color as well.

This is the first shirt in a VERY long time that I’ve bought…I never see anything appealing on this site anymore, sucks.

Shiver me timbers!..wait, did pirates have submarines?

Psychic Paul has some serious competition.

Stayed awake in hope that it will be this one…
Pretty sure it will sold out.
Congrats !!!