Akribos XXIV AM:PM Multifunction Timepiece - 2 Colors

**Item: **Akribos XXIV AM:PM Multifunction Timepiece - 2 Colors
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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This is most definitely NOT a Baguette of Calcium.

Is this a good deal? I happen to be looking for a decent watch

“Akribos XXIV AM:PM Multifunction Timepiece”

So what you are saying is that it tells time in the morning AS WELL AS the nighttime??? OoOOOOoooooohhh!!!

$550 off?

$625 MSRP? Lol.

$80-$100 elsewhere.

AM PM Malfunction? I wouldn’t trust this watch to wake me up for a marathon.

If you like the way it looks and this is the style you’re looking for, you could do worse for $75 shipped.

However, if you think this is somehow the steal of the woot-off, think again. Groupon had these for about the same price recently (wider selection of styles/colors though) and Google can help you find one for pretty close to this price.

But $75 for a watch with a Swiss movement isn’t too bad. Just don’t buy this for the price. Make sure you like it first.

I can see why nobody would buy a $625 watch. My $500 phone has a perfectly functional clock. Do people still wear watches? Or monocles? Put that watch on a chain and throw in a free monocle and…

This watch is MADE IN CHINA for $8.The “moon phase indicator” simply changes from sun during the day to the same moon icon at night. No “phase” differences.

Yeah. There’s a battery in addition to the sundial.