Akribos XXIV Women's Collection

Could you please have the specs updated on these? Most of them have the rose tone spec. I found one for silver tone, but that was for a gold tone watch. Thanks!

On it, we’ll get the specs corrected.

Are the links removable? I have a small wrist and usually need to remove links on watches for a better fit.

Sorry for the delayed reply, I’m checking with our buyer.

Not sure I’d buy another Akribos. I bought a men’s self-winding “skeleton” last year on Woot, and it just quit working after about 6 weeks. The warranty requires you to pay up front to send it back. Meh. You get what you pay for I guess.

Ordered a week and a half ago for Christmas. Still not shipped. Will it be left on my porch while we are out of town for Christmas?

Hey there, I’m checking on your tracking. I’ll update when I have more info. I apologize for the delay so far.

Thank you.

I ordered on the 8th and it still is showing that is has not shipped. Any idea when they will ship?

Same story here. Ordered on the 8th. The other items I ordered the same day arrived a week ago, but no watch yet. Santa is going to be in trouble! No reply to my email to support, but I know you guys are swamped … any help is much appreciated!

I’m sorry y’all, I’m checking again with the buyer/vendor. I’ll get some answers ASAP.

Any news? Guess I need to make arrangements for a different gift.

Sorry, I never heard back from the buyer, but mysteriously tracking seems to be processing for these now. It should be in our system today, or you can track by reference (your order number) on FedEx. I’ll PM you yours.

What kind of Customer Support department do you run? I have inquired over and over…still no response. I want to know shipping details TODAY…PLEASE!!!

Saw my tracking come through this morning. I guess the call from you got them moving!

That would be great, because mine is still showing not shipped and the order number is not showing up in fed ex either.

My tracking is still “unavailable”.

Which order are you not showing tracking on?

4709**** gold ladies watch

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