Akro-Mils 12 Gallon Keepbox Totes, 6 pack

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Akro-Mils 12 Gallon Keepbox Totes, 6 pack
Price: $84.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Sep 21 to Monday, Sep 26) + transit
Condition: New


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perfect for storing huge quantities of crystal meth (you had to have watched Breaking Bad to get this)

$15 apiece when you factor in shipping. It’s better than normal price for this kind of box, but sale prices have beaten it in my area.


Are these that much better than the run of mill totes with lids you can buy for $7-ish?

My thoughts exactly. They are always less than $10 apiece in the warehouse clubs

Is this priced wrong? This is about 3x the price these can be purchased at multiple locations such as Lowes.

I’ve tried the ones from Home Depot and Lowes. I’m still sweeping occasional chunks of plastic out of my shed and shop.

I have several of these in Red and have posted about them before. I can stand on them stacked two high. I don’t know how the strength of the clear plastic compares to the red, but comparing the Akro Mills bins to the junk available from HD and Lowes is like walking into a Porsche dealer and saying, “Are these cars priced correctly? I can get a Yugo for much less.” If the Yugo fits your needs - go for it. Pick up some trash bags and a dust pan to help collect the broken plastic shards while you are there.


Slightly cheaper for these exact boxes, even with shipping and tax, when I used a 10% new customer code “WELCOME” at woodcraft.com. Total was $89.40

Note when comparing prices that there are TWO models: this one, plus a slightly more expensive one that has rails for hanging file folders.

Thank you! Good to know!

Happy Friday Wooters! Thanks for your interest in our KeepBox totes.

I wanted to share with you some of the design features of our tote vs what I have seen at the Big Box stores.

The Akro-Mils tote has:

  • Steel hingepin the full length of the tote.
  • Squared vs rounded bottom corners so you can fit more in the tote.
  • Additional ribbing on the sides for stronger stack strength.
  • Thicker top lip for stability.
  • Rounded ergonomic handle.
  • The tote has internal slots that will accept rails so that you can hang letter size file folders.
  • Textured bottom to reduce slipping on conveyors in commercial settings.

As these totes are largely designed for storage, they are not quite as heavy duty as the 39120 Medium totes Woot has been selling from us. But, they are stronger than the industry standard.

I hope that information is helpful in making your decision!


$7.98 each at Lowe’s= $47.88

Now if your company would just respond to the cracked and broken boxes that arrive when shipped I would be happier and stop posting negative posts. I bought 3 six packs and 20% of the totes had defects. Woot won’t replace them. Akro-Mills should. I am referring to the stronger 39120 Medium totes.

Lisa - thank you for your feedback. Have you had an oppty to reach out to our Customer Service team at inquiry@akro-mils.com?


I have bought at least 3 sets of these. I had one blow out the sides due to the corners being too thin. Otherwise I have been very pleased with the quality. At this price they are about $5 each more than the cheaper quality models, but seem to hold up much better over the long run. I especially like the solid bottoms and the quality hinges. Other than the one defective case, I am very pleased. Excellent quality.