Akro-Mils Craft Storage Event

These things are not cheap but they are the last parts storage drawers you’ll ever need to buy. I just picked up a 20-drawer unit to go with my existing 20-year-old 16 and 28-drawer units over the workbench and with a little dusting they all look brand new. Incredibly solid metal frames on these units.

These are great cabinets I have used them for years. To bad Woots prices are not to good. A google search showed these for $68.99 delivered.

got a link?

Pricing is incredibly variable online, even on Amazon. For example, they sell the 19320 in gray for $71.99 including shipping, but the other colors are all over $100. I wanted a red one and was unable to find a better price than Woot.


The non-locking cabinet on the above site is $68 (+/-)
But the same locking cabinet shown here is $100 also. I didn’t look at anything else to compare tho… Just fyi.

RE: Akro-Mils 19109 9 Drawer Steel Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet with Locking Door, Grey

Aaannndd on Amazon it’s $118 - prime.


I always check Ammy anyway because I like to see what “Customers who viewed this item also viewed”. Love Ammy!


zorotools.com has better pricing on the 16/20/28-drawer grey units by $10-$20 vs. Woot with free shipping. The deals here are on the colored-drawer ones.