Akro-Mils Garage Craft Cabinet Drawers

the Akro-Mils 19109 9 Drawer Locking Storage Bin would be great for organizing my ammo!

Or if you’re fine with the grey color, you can buy it for cheaper on Amazon with free shipping.


But how will bpr2 know which bins are 30-06 and whats 9mm without colors?

I’ve had a couple of these gray drawer units in my garage for over 20 years now, and they’re just as good as new. I do prefer the versions with varying drawer sizes though.

We use these in our machine shop. They’re very durable, nice storage cabinets. But this isn’t that great of a price. Enco has them cheaper if you don’t need different colors:

Enco pretty much always has a free shipping code out there if you google it.