Akro-Mils Garage Storage

Part numbers and other useful information from akrostan on a previous Woot:


I was gonna buy this, but then I realized I don’t have a garage.

Wooters, feel free to learn from my mistakes: dimensions given are exterior, so subtract about an inch to figure out what will fit INSIDE.

Will an 11"x11"x5" bin hold 8.5"x11" papers? Um. Not so much.

I have a dozen 11"x4"x4" bins. Do you know what fits in a space three inches wide? I don’t either.*

These are great quality so I just got the 5" ones that will fit the things that didn’t fit in the 4" bins.

Also, while they stack great you’ll need to lift them (or space them a bit on the rack) to get your hand in.

*OK – seed packets. But I have eleven more bins here.

You don’t need a garage for these. I use them mostly in the garage, but also a bunch in my home office and a few more in the hall closet. Now the colors, that’s something else. These would also be awesome for craft storage or school supplies.

I’ve got about 20 of the 11x11x5’s in my office, great size for office supplies, cables, print cartridges, etc.

I use the same size in my garage along with the 11x5x5’s, the latter mostly for miscellaneous hardware. Can’t think of many things that fit in the 11x5x5 but wouldn’t in the 11x4x4.

If you don’t want them, go find a teacher and she/he will take them off your hands in a heartbeat.

nuts and bolts?

The set I ordered will be for LEGO sorting.

What type of nut/bolts does this use to mount the wall piece? I just bought it and it doesn’t come with any screws. I guess I need a drill to drill this into the wall. So probably also a stud finder?

Feel free to contact Akro-Mils customer support. I’m sure they’ll have the information you need.

Hi - Stan from Akro-Mils here. The installation instructions for the panel may be found here: http://www.akro-mils.com/AkroMils/files/c5/c544aca9-69be-4e20-8aff-8102ed9b580f.pdf

As each panel is rated to hold up to 160lbs, we do recommend that they be mounted into a solid surface. There are mounting holes at 16" width, matching up to standard stud spacing.

I hope that helps.