Akro-Mils Storage Bins

How much weight can 1 bin hold? I am referring to these:

Akro-Mils AkroBins 11" D x 4" L x 4" H 12-Pack of Bins

I can’t speak for the small one, but I have a set of the 11 x11 and they’re filled with cans of food and they hold A LOT. I put in about 9 cans in each, and each can weighs about 15 oz…so I think that’s over 8+ pounds. I know it could hold more, but the cans would roll out. I’m really happy with them. The quality is excellent. I want the largest size, but don’t want to pay the largest price. I’m hoping one day to see it on SellOut for cheaper.
I’m really happy with them.

What do you want to put in them that’s so heavy??

Hi - Stan from Akro-Mils here.

Each of our 30220 AkroBins 11" D x 4" L x 4" H is rated to hold up to 10lbs hung from our louvered panels.

Thanks - Stan

Here is a video showing the louvered hanging systems:



These are great quality bins, better than the stanley bins and the crap you get at Harbor Freight!!

Would have been in for several of these, but the smaller, more useful bins are sold out. Whatever genius decided to limit the quantity of the most useful bin set just saved me a hundred bucks or so…