ALBUMteam Portable Digital Photo Album

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ALBUMteam Portable Digital Photo Album
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 ALBUMteam A1BLBLFCUS2 Portable Digital Photo Album - Blk/Fu

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yay sleep time

Danget, really wanted that bag of stuff…


potentially buyable maybe i think

Alright now this is Woot worthy. I may not actually get one of these, but it’s at least worthy. No complaints.

Does anyone know where I can sign up to get woot-off alert text messages?

why woot why!

I really hope there are like, two of these. Max.

yea, see ya tomorrow woot


Great price…froogled


I agree. Not my personal cup of tea, but it’s not complete crap either.

A fair deal…but I have a Bigger one…and it’s probably about that price by now, since it was $5 less just after I made this little review…(I mean $5 less than the price I mention in my video, that I paid!)…
12 Inches


OMG that bar moved a pixel line! Time to take a long nap until next item :frowning: