ALC 7 Inch Touch Screen w/2 Cameras

“It’s time to find out who’s been removing the dust ruffles from your bed…”

…and THAT’S why I put a camera in our bedroom, honey. No, really…

My biggest problem on such a simple setup with local storage (no remote storage service), the visitors only need to grab the monitor and the recordings of their access to your property are gone.
Unless you are using it to view the people knocking on your door, you might as well get dummy cameras to make people think they are being recorded.

Does anyone know what format this records in? .avi? .mov? .m4v?

Somebody on Amazon says:
I recommend creating a dummy gmail account and sending all motion recordings onto this for a free off site storage option. If one failed to do this, all the threat would need to do to remove video evidence would be to take the included tablet. All in all this product will give a entry level person a moderate to high-level of security if done in the right way.