ALC Sight HD 1080p Video Doorbell

ALC Sight HD 1080p Video Doorbell

In the description on the site there is this blurb: “Our standard Software Motion detection with Motion Area Masking is also included.”

Where the heck can I set the masking!! It’s very windy today and I get a notification like once every minute because the big tree in my front yard is shaking like a… well, shaking like a tree!

Is there a link to another app or piece of software or something I’m missing here?

Check out pages 33 & 34 of this manual.

It says you can set it for “human motion” under advanced settings.

If that doesn’t work, you might contact ALC for more info.

OK, I found it! I had it set for ‘human motion’ because it sounded cool and I thought that was what I wanted. It turns out the default ‘software’ setting allows for the motion mask to be used. The blocks are fairly large though, so in order for me to block most of the tree, I have to select about half of the total viewing area (13 of 25). So theoretically someone could walk up to my door by stepping a bit to one side and be undetected. Thanks for the link to the manual when I scanned the QR code from the box material, I got a 404. Now to figure out next why my chimes don’t chime :slight_smile:

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