Alcatel Idol 3 4.7" 16GB Unlocked Smartphone

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Alcatel Idol 3 4.7" 16GB Unlocked Smartphone
Price: $99.99
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Condition: New


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I think this is rather high-priced for a Chinese Android phone of not-so-recent vintage. I own an Idol 3 5.5", which costed me about $50 as an outright purchase on Cricket a couple years back. I was never particularly impressed by its performance, but eventually I did put a ROM on there which improved things greatly. Not everyone will have the patience to do the ROM thing. Another thing is, if you do buy this phone, get a case for it before you use it - the exterior housing is extremely soft and gets beat up very easily.

Nice try Woot, but this is about $50 too much for this phone.

Do NOT get this. You’re better off with new releases from Moto for the same price.

We had a terrible experience with the quality of the screen, and the customer service we had to deal with after.

I can’t recommend this for any reason.

FakeSpot Rating Grade: B

Between this and the two comments above, it’s enough for me to stay away.

I don’t know why people aren’t happy with this phone or the price. My wife and daughter really like theirs. (Bought a year ago on sale for $139.)

They’re a good size for people without large hands. The speakers are awesome (better than the external speaker my daughter used to use). The camera is very good (not great, but close). The screen is very bright and clear. And you can put in at least a 64 Gb Micro SD card for storage.

They work perfectly with T-Mobile (and, I presume, AT&T). The only complaint I’ve heard in a year is that they don’t do WiFi calling (only T-Mobile branded phones do that).

I’m guessing the complainers have a different model? Alcatel’s naming is confusing.

FWIW the 5.5" screen version is available for the same price at Walmart:

[Vmod note: That one is locked. The one selling here is unlocked.]

I love how the description reads “UNLOCKED” smartphone. When we bought a Galaxy S5 “Unlocked,” the T-Mobile image was on the device that was sent out on my order deeming it useless for WiFi calling through AT&T.

If your savvy with software & know what you’re doing, these phones will work out for you. Otherwise, I’m finished buying phones from Woot, including any PC’s that have an image loaded from whomever Woot uses for refurb units!

Not to defend Woot, but do you understand what “unlocked” means in terms of a cell phone? It means that a sim card from multiple providers will work. It doesn’t mean that all features of your provider will work. That is completely model dependent. I’ve never seen a phone listed on Woot that didn’t give the model number so you could find out what provider it was built for. Call them out for bad refurbishment, slow shipping or a bad price but unless I see otherwise you are at fault for assuming that AT&T wifi calling would work on the T Mobile model phone you purchased.