Alder Ridge Washington Cab Sauvignon (3)

Alder Ridge Washington Cabernet Sauvignon 3-Pack
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2011 Alder Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, Horse Heaven Hills
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We had this last night at the SoCal gathering. This was my preferred wine of the rat wines, and was a nice combination of aromatics and a balanced palate. I was top busy enjoying the concert and company of fellow wooters to take significant notes, but this wine showed a bit of the oak while keeping the heft and balance I’d expect from a Washington Cabernet. I think aside from the slight bitterness this wine will please most.


Taster bottle #4 from SoCal #40 this weekend, anyone who’s been to an event like this knows that the notes will be brief because there is simply too much wine and too much going on to take notes of real length.

Really nice black fruit nose with some spiciness in the background that added a nice layer to the wine. On the palate the wine carries nice fruit and the spiciness which I assume is from oak and then a bit of tannins comes in towards the finish. The finish is slightly tart but does not detract at all from the overall wine. Overall this was easily the best of the 4 tasting bottles we received and for me one of the better wines of the night. I think it’s solid QPR at around the $20 per bottle it’s listed here at.

Most 2011’s from WA will have a slight bit of tartness, especially the Bordeaux styles, unless they were heavily blended. '11 was a very cool year with basically no summer. In essence, the summer was just like what you’d find in Bordeaux typically. We (I made wine in WA for 4 years) picked stuff clear into mid-November and were pressing in early December.

A lot of the wines from this vintage should age well if made correctly but if they’re at all struggling now, I wouldn’t consider hanging on to them. I’m a huge fan of this vintage from the right producers but don’t look at '11 as representative of WA, especially if you haven’t really had much WA wines. Precept is a huge brand but they do make some pretty good wines. I haven’t had their Alder Ridge winery wines yet. Alder Ridge vineyard does produce some pretty good fruit and other wineries have made great wines from their fruit.

Thanks for the great background on the region and vintage. This particular wine was really tasty now but I’m not willing to guess whether it’s a 10,15, or 20 year wine. Maybe some of the other tasters can venture a guess?


I also tried this wine at the So. Cal #40 event. Sorry for being late but I have to agree this wine was easily the best to my palate. It was balanced and more of a complete wine from start to finish, I am not overly sensitive to oak so the little that was there seemed to enhance the wine IMHO. And I have always enjoyed Horse Heaven Hills fruit.

I will say an easy buy for $20 if you need some nice daily drinkers.

I also had this at the SoCal gathering. Please note that Cab Sauv is my least favorite of the red varietals and my nose/palate are very sensitive to oak. With that in mind:

Aroma: vanilla (oak?) and a bit of cocoa, black fruits
Color: dark red not translucent
Taste: dark fruits with some noticeable vanilla undertones and a nice chalky finish. Tannins were soft and well integrated.

Verdict: the oak was too noticeable for me (35% new oak in the specs somewhat confirms my first impression) and lacked a bit of acidity (felt a bit brooding) but not an objectionable wine by any means. If you enjoy cabs I don’t see how you can go wrong. While it is not a great QPR in my opinion, it is priced right for what you are getting.

Happy Birthday to SonomaBouliste!! AKA Peter Wellington!

  **Happy Birthday to SonomaBouliste!!!**


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Happy Birthday, Peter. Maybe we’ll have one of your wonderful wines (for the 3rd night in a row) to celebrate. :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a 10+ year wine, but it probably is safe to hold for 5-10 years.

Happy Birthday Peter…Just as Ddeuddeg, I will toast you on your birthday with a fine bottle of Wellington tonight!

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