Alderbrook Old Barn Dry Creek Zinfandel - 3 Pack

Alderbrook Old Barn Dry Creek Zinfandel - 3 Pack
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PRODUCT: 3 2005 Alderbrook “Old Barn” Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley
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I have been drinking Alderbrook wines for quite a while - always very good - good Zins

Alas … WLTFIWBM in effect. As in Wine Lockers Totally Full Imposed Wine Buying Moritorium. :frowning:

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He already has 3!

What’s the drinking window on these from some other source than Cellartracker users?

Cesare, you want to help on home.woot? We’re not sure what to make of the product over there (and why it’s not over here).

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Thanks for asking. Generally speaking, The suggested window for enjoying this wine would be between now and 2014. We crafted this wine to be supple enough to enjoy young (today) whilst still having some aging potential. Hope you enjoy our wines. Aldrbrookwinery

Thanks for your note and we are happy to know you are enjoying our wines. One of he great joys of winemaking is seeing or knowing that our wines might have brought a smile to someone’s face. We hope you continue to enjoy oue Alderbrook wines and come out and visit us sometime. We’d love to see you at the winery!

not had the '05 but loved any of the other Alderbrook Zins I’ve had…I’m in for one

SFGATE didn’t think too highly of it. Can’t pull the trigger at this price. WS says an 89 vintage and I don’t think any Zin is worth this much at 89, let alone one that did not perform well at tastings.

No offense, but I would love to hear additional comments from wooters that joined earlier than two days ago. I love a good zin and this fits the price range (that is my price range) of normally getting good zin for the money.

I’ve been a member of Alderbrook’s wine club for many years and I’ve never been disappointed. Always a favorite in the zin category … and I live in wine country.

You think that zin should, for some reason, be a cheap varietal?

I have yet to have a 2005 Napa\Sonoma red that was short of very good, while most have been outstanding. Something about 2005 made it almost impossible for the small vineyards to produce a bad wine.

In for Two!

We use some French oak & American oak to make our wine. This gives it less of the overt vanilla aroma found in many old style Zinfandel. Allowing for longer aging and more complexity. We subscribe to the view that “more isn’t always better”.

A tepid review:

The 2005 “Old Barn” is drinking great right now. Try it with a piece of “St George” cheese. It’s from Northern Sonoma county too.