Alegria Collection Sangria Pitcher

Alegria Collection Sangria Pitcher
$19.99 + $5 shipping, originally $36.00 (44% off list price)
Condition: New


Cool, this can hold my pads and will go with my new tampon holder cups I got in the last woot…

I fear I’ll be forever waiting for my Rhone whites. Didn’t anyone notice it was summer?! :frowning:

I kinda want to buy it and put big googly eyes next to the spout :slight_smile:

YES!!! In for three! Got one last time, cat knocked it off the counter and have been spending forlorn weekends the past three weeks. HUGE pitcher, holds two bottles of vino plus fruit. Perfect for the patio in this heat. Yum Yum can’t wait!

As I predicted.

For everyone that got the cups yesterday :slight_smile:


Second worst joke on this thread. Period!

In for 2. Thanks for the heads up!

I knew I should have bought those cups…

Yipes! Almost missed this, and I have been waiting patiently hoping my eight sangria cups and huge paella pan would have a reason to party! Can’t remember what the third Alegria item was. Pretty sure I can live without it tho.

The third Alegria offer was the Tapas plates, set of 4 of them.

This thing is awesome! Got one last time now I need three. It’s huge, ugly, and weird. +3

I got the cups last time. They’re kinda small. Well, compared to this giant pitcher.

Ah, thanks for the reminder. Maybe for the next Woot Off!

So glad I didn’t miss this. I have to attend a housewarming party in a couple of weeks, and I happen to know that they need a sangria pitcher. Perfect!

This is way better than “that’s what she said”!!!