Alegria Collection Sangria Pitcher

It’s back!!!

I got this several woot-offs ago, and IT! IS! WONDERFUL!!! Don’t have to be a sangria drinker, this is wonderful for ANY infused drinks. Lemons in tea, oranges in beer if you’re so inclined, fruited water…it is wonderful at holding the fruit well down in the bowl while pouring cleanly and not "glug"ging out around the clumps of fruit…in for another in case mine ever breaks.

I dislike ice in my glass, perhaps I should invest in one of these to hold the ice in the pitcher!

It would work for that VERY well!!! And I would recommend getting a bottle brush for cleaning the spout, but I have had no trouble cleaning mine with a dishcloth wrapped around a butter knife handle.

Where is this made? This is always very important to me when buying things that touch my food.

Alegria Collection Sangria Pitcher
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