Alex Sotelo Napa Valley Red - 3 Pack

Alex Sotelo Napa Valley Red - 3 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 2006 Syrah
1 2007 Alma Red Table Wine
1 2006 Zinfandel

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Now this is an interesting story I need to try this wine.

Anyone who has worked as hard as this guy deserves a buy from me!

The winery website has no information for these 3 vintages?

Never heard of it, but[list]
[] good acid numbers
] low alcohol (well, the Zin is under 15%, and the others are moderate)
[*] old enough vintages that no infanticide is necessary
[/list]These have a chance of being well-structured, but drinkable today.

My SIWBM is just about over… looking forward to rat reports :slight_smile:

12 years with Napa great Robert Pecota, plus an amazing story of hard work, gets my vote (and my $55)

wootbot it’s a palate, not a pallet!

Looks to me like these are all “drink now” or over the next couple of years, but can the winemaker (Alex?) comment on the recommended drinking window as well as when he believes these will be at their best?

Awfully quiet around here…anyone have any info to persuade me one way or the other on this one?

I second that… was thinking I was in, but not enough action yet…

I’m hoping we’ll get some rats later today.

Interesting article featuring the wine maker in the NYT.

New York Times Article

Interesting read, thank you.

I’m a first time Rat and have a bottle waiting for me at a fedex office. Now I’m going to have to leave work early and start drinking. Damn…

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Dear Kitty,
Thanks for the link to this article. It’s fascinating even to those who aren’t interested in wines; a great American story.

I met Sotelo’s partner for the Alma, Jesus Hernandez, a couple of years ago. He is (or was) a waiter at Della Santina’s Trattoria just off the square in Sonoma. I had 3 bottles each of the 2005 Alma and Syrah and drank 2 of each. I got them for $20 a bottle. They are marvelous wines; if I had to give them points they’d be 90 +/- a little. we had a bottle of the Alma at the restaurant. My 2 brother in laws and my buddy all bought some of those two wines, too.

2005 Syrah: Coffee and spice, blackberries and currents. Finish is quite good, too. The nose begins with hints of earth and clove. There is a roundness to this wine that is so Sonoma to me. Deep dark berry, leather, coffee and cloves even stronger 18 months later (last tried it 11/2/10).

2005 Alma: At home it seemed more closed and reserved than what I remembered from the restaurant. Nice merlot round blueberry flavors, moderate tannins. I did not log notes on the second bottle, but it had opened up some more (last drank it in Aug 2010).

Jesus is a hoot. I never met Alex but what I read and heard about him is that he’s a bright guy who is very much all about making good wine. This is worth a shot and I am looking forward to trying the Zin. In for 2.

Au contraire, the pH is high except for the Syrah which is moderate, and Syrah can handle it. The other two, definitely approachable young-ish drinking wines from the numbers, but not OTT alcohol bombs, probably more like like a French vintage from an ordinary year, but fruitier. I’d say drink now.

The winemaker is too quiet. Must not be online. Got some Qs before I buy. We all know that the better the winery’s participation the better the sales.