Alexa Enabled Ora Smart Plug

Bought 4 of these. They work very well with Amazons Alexa, just follow the directions explicitly. I can just say “Alexa, bedroom light off” or some variant and the light goes off. Nice way to impress the girlfriend although sometimes the GF may get suspicious and ask who exactly you’re talking to.
Just use care when picking a name for each. “Den” works but Alexa may have trouble telling “Bedroom 1” from “Bedroom 2”. You can also use the App to program a daily schedule of on-off times for home security. For example, you could vary the on time from day to day with a different on-off time each day Mon-Sun when you’re on vacation.
The only issue I’ve had is that after a neighborhood power failure that knocked out power to the house including the router I had to reprogram all the units.

Can you connect more than one plug under the same name? i.e. two outlets plugs are controlled under “living room”.

Purchased a 4 pack back in December 2016, and love them. Use them to reboot wifi cameras when they lose connectivity to signal when we’re away from home. Reboot reconnects cameras to router. Have had several home power failures which turn off router and have not had to reconfigure these controls. I thought this system didn’t work with Alexa, but if someone is saying it does, great. Don’t have answer to the ability to name two outlets the same name. Likely no since the app lists by name, not logical to think it would accept same name; sorry can’t try today. Price drop of
$8 since I bought; sweet.

Android app for these is poorly written. As of the last update, even without turning the app on and after a phone reboot, it still eats a large percentage of my phone battery.
Nice little toy for a while but when it eats 5-15% of my phone battery sitting idle in the background having never been opened, I call that a garbage programming job.

Save your money and use a manual timer or buy a real quality item instead.

I bought some last time on Woot. Had some initial trouble connecting to Echo/Alexa, but when I downloaded the “Xenon Smart” app (iPhone) instead of the one that was suggested in instructions, it worked perfectly.

Yes, you can do this from the Alexa app. It shows all of your devices individually, and then you can create groups with multiple devices that can be turned on/off with a single voice command :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if these will work with Samsung SmartThings?

I have a wifi camera that loses connection too and I have to manually power cycle at the plug. Love your idea to use the smart plug!

I just use a 5$ mechanical 110 volt timer that resets the camera every night at 1am.

You can group devices in Alexa, if that’s how you plan to control these. My echo knows several lights by their own name, as part of a room name, as part of “all lights”, and I’m considering adding “downstairs lights”.

Haven’t checked whether their app has its own grouping.

To be honest, I’d be more interested if these played nicely with Smart things, and I’m slightly biased towards Z rather than WiFi for home automation. But it’s a decent price…

The switch seems to work. The device clicks and the LED goes from red to blue. Unfortunately anything plugged in does not go on or off. So far the device has been worthless.

Oh no! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.