Alexa-Enabled Ora Wi-Fi Mini Smart Plug

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Alexa-Enabled Ora Wi-Fi Mini Smart Plug
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I’ve read the description 3 times, and I still don’t have the foggiest what this thing does.

It simply allows whatever is plugged into its outlet to be turned on or off by an Echo or a tablet/phone.

Does anyone have experience using these without Alexa? Is there an independent iPhone app or possibly HomeKit compatibility?

You can use the Alexa app with Android or iOs without an Echo. I use the Xenon home automation app linked to Alexa.

I feel like I want these. For peeps that have them… What devices do you use them with?

Found a similar 4 pack on Amazon from a different manufacturer. That one is certified by an agency similar to UL (ETL Listed) I am wondering if this has any safety guidelines. I was just thinking about this because one plug will by next to the bed on carpet. It would definitely be a fire hazard if something were to go wrong.

This appears to have the same functions as the Belkin WeMo plugs I’ve used for several years. They’re very convenient for devices you want on a certain schedule. I have my espresso machine and a bathroom towel heater scheduled to turn on 30min before my morning alarm goes off so everything is hot and ready when I get up. You can pause these schedules when you’re out of town. You have remote access to the device anywhere you have internet access on you tablet or phone.
The other place I use them is for hard to reach outlets. I have an air compressor tucked behind a storm shelter in the garage. To activate the switch on the compressor, I’d be sticking my head next to a motor generating 120db that reverberates off the steel wall of the storm shelter. Instead, I leave the switch on the compressor in the “On” position and I can then give it power with the WeMo switch from inside the house which pressurizes the tank and saves my hearing, simultaneously.

I would imagine it works great for any appliance that doesn’t have its own soft power button, like ones that have a power switch and can stay on. I have a tower fan that requires me to press the power button so this wouldn’t really work for that but would work great on lamps. Ive been waiting for a deal to get some to play with.

Are these zwave compatible?

No, they use wifi for communication.

I am still unclear on what App would control this, and also, do we know if these plugs work with IFTTT?

Yes there’s an app and it even worked to turn on my home light when I was thousands of miles away in Japan!

I can’t seem to find much on Ora, and the website on their packaging in the picture is pretty useless. What app did you use?

It looks like it’s horrified at whatever you’ve just asked it to do.

(Not to be alarmist… but…)

Some of these IoT devices have crappy security built in, and can either be hacked or are delivered with malware already installed. One suggestion I’ve been given is to stick with the name-brand devices…but I’ve never heard of Ora.

Any thoughts on Ora device security?

Before someone asks, NO it DOES NOT BLEND. I put this on my Vitamix with smoothie ingredients all loaded, and remote started it. I had ‘nearly’ liquefied fruits all over my kitchen.
Do not try that at home.

Does anyone have any experience with Ora smart plugs? I love the name brand ones I have and could use some more, but I know nothing about this brand at all.

To protect other devices on your home network, you need to isolate ANY IoT products regardless of the brand. The easiest way you can do that is buy a router that supports a separate “guest wifi network” that is isolated. Put ANY and ALL IoT devices on that. Use cloud connectivity to change their settings.

Keep your router up-to-date on patches.