Alexa-Enabled Ora WiFi Mini Smart Plug - 2 or 4 Pack

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Alexa-Enabled Ora WiFi Mini Smart Plug - 2 or 4 Pack
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The specs tab contains no actual specifications. How many amps are these rated for? Voltage spec would be nice too if we’re not just assuming US only.

I want to love these, but cannot see where it says you can get wireless control without Alexa. Anyone know if these work without Alexa?

Does anyone use these with Smartthings?

Can these use an iPhone app to control them ?

WARNING: The Android app for these requires some very concerning permissions in order to run, most notably the ability to make and monitor phone calls. The app may be spyware, and so you may wish to avoid these.

I bought four of these from Woot a little while ago. To answer a few questions:

They are rated for 10 amps.

You can use them without Alexa (but it’s better when you do!). You can use their smartphone app on either iOS or Android, plus there are a few other similar apps that will work as well. FYI - Amazon Echo Dots with Alexa are on sale today for $30 over on Amazon.

Once you install them and set them up with the app including giving each a distinctive name, Alexa will be able to locate each switch and control them either individually or you can establish groups. At that point you can delete the app from your phone (it wants some pretty invasive permissions for what it does) and Alexa will still be able to control the switches.

You MUST have good wi-fi signal wherever you use one of these. Weak or no signal and these will not work.

Hope this helps.

I use iOS, got four of these awhile ago. I used them to set up Halloween decorations, now I’m using them for the christmas tree and decorations. The app is definitely not the most refined thing in the world, but if you slow down and think, it’s not really hard to use. Alexa is the preferred control method for sure, but you need to use the app to name the plugs and group them if you like. Name them something easy to remember and let alexa do the work. It’s really great.

Bought 2 last time they were on Woot. Didn’t want to buy 4 just in case they sucked. They don’t suck so in for 2 more. Yes, the app is invasive but it has an easy to use scheduler in it and these work great with Alexa.

Can you set these up without a smart phone? I use an iMac to set up my Alexa and would need to use it to set up/name these. Can that be done?

As mentioned, the android app recommended by the instructions FORCES (not just asks) for call permissions before you can setup these little beauties.

However, I still call them beauties because they are nice and compact and there is another app in the play store: “Smart Life” that works without that permission at all.

Further, the “official” app failed to properly set these up for me. there’s two setup methods, quick and then AP mode… Neither worked for me with their app, and I tried half a dozen times or so… The Smart Life app worked immediately.

So I’d suggest going that route.

Can’t get these to work with my network. I can get other wifi plugs to work, but these are dead. I’ve tried all the iOS apps available with no luck. Any thoughts? Otherwise, they are going back to woot.