Alexa Enabled-TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker

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Alexa Enabled-TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker
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Too close to Trilby. And I know I’ve had enough of those.

I purchased one last time they were for sale (about a month ago) and I LOVE it!! The sound quality is clear and it’s been fun to ask Alexa to play whatever song comes to mind.

why would anyone spend eighty dollars when they could buy a Amazon Dot for less than forty dollars?

Dot’s are currently $50 for single units, and this is more like the $130 Tap than like a Dot.

The dot is around $50 and works well. If you only want Alexa, get the dot. The Triby at this price is not much more than a dot and, on paper, offers more than the dot.

Now the reality of the situation. The Triby hardware, although not chinsy, does not offer some of the nicer features of the dot or echo. The primary issue is with the Triby microphone(s) and its ability to respond to the wake up word. My experience is that I need to yell at the Triby 5 or 6 times to try to get Alexa to respond and usually give up and just push the button on the Triby to wake Alexa. And the Triby Alexa is not the same as the dot or echo Alexa. Some features are just not available via the third party implementation of Alexa on the Triby. Not sure if this is due to the limitations of the Alexa API or if it is due to Triby not doing a good job with the implementation of Alexa features.

The other features of the Triby may justify the higher price of the Triby over the dot or echo. If everything worked on the Triby as stated in the specs, then one could just decide if the extra features on the Triby justify the higher cost taking into account that the Alexa on the Triby is a subset of the dot or echo due to partial or poor implementation of Alex on Triby.

Without going through a list of issues that I have encountered with the Triby, I can just say that setting up the Triby is cumbersome and is plagued by a poor design and software/app/firmware which is still is not ready for prime time. And when things eventually stop working, the configuration process has to be done all over again with all the same frustrations. And then some of the features just do not work well with error messages and error screens and rebooting at random. It is very frustrating to purchase a product and receive it in a work-in-progress state. The tech industry is the only industry that tries to pull this crap, and all of us consumers need to open a can of whoop ass on companies that think it is ok to do this. I do not think I have ever bought a car that was partially assembled.

So having said all of this, the Triby I purchased a couple of months ago has signs that it may eventually work. I have been dealing with Triby support often in reporting and trying to resolve issues. Support has been pretty good in that emails are addressed in a timely manner. Apparently no direct phone support is available, so email and online support tickets are the only ways to attempt to resolve problems. I believe the company that produces the Triby is having problems with their servers and probably with fixing the firmware and app. After 2 months, I have a Triby that is becoming more stable, but up until a few weeks ago, the Triby was a time sink to keep it doing something of use. BTW, I am an Android user and suspect that iOS users may be having better luck with the Triby configuration and communication features.

I have doubled down on the Triby and purchased a the second unit here at a cheaper price now. It was my intent from the beginning to have two Tribys that I could use to communicate and keep in touch with family members who need and would appreciate a simple device like the Triby. Alexa was just a bonus since I already have the dot but could use the Triby to expand where I can access Alexa. But do not expect the Alexa feature on the Triby to be the same as Alexa on the dot or echo.

If I can not get things to work reliably with the two Tribys within the 90 day warranty, they are both going back. I am no longer going to accept products that are incomplete and not fully tested and yet are thrown on the market in hopes the consumer will deal with all the issues.