Alexa Enabled-TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker

Triby is from a French manufacturer and the first non-Amazon Alexa enabled devices. The enclosed instructions suck; go to the support site for guidance:

I received mine from woot, played with it for a week, and then gave it for a Christmas gift. Buying one for me now because Woot is down to 1 color so selling out soon.

I highly recommend! Handles all alexa requests just like Echo and Dot. There are many more Triby features than listed here. I discovered the intercom feature -between paired phone app and Triby.

Sound is good, but of course not Bose. Love the one touch Internet stations, which can be set to local radio stations or any Inet station.

If you have an Alexa echo or dot, you will appreciate the Triby in another location. (Note:The only wake word is Alexa)
Triby is fully enabled for Alexa even if you don’t have an Amazon Alexa enabled device.