Alexa-Enabled TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker

Can this do everything the Full ECHO or the DOT can do?

I bought one for full price when they first came out. They can do most of it, but can’t play music through Alexa from Spotify (you can do Spotify, but it’s a direct to the Triby thing). However, I’ve turned off lights, played music from Amazon, and everything else works great. Plus it sticks to my fridge. I have an Echo in my loungeroom and Dots in the bedrooms, but the Triby is my kitchen Alexa.

Wondering if this version is described here? hope not as I’d love to try Triby.
Customer rep response on Amazon:
“Hey there - I’m very sorry about the experience you had setting up your Triby. It is true that certain earlier versions of Triby require an iOS device to set up initially. This is something we are working very hard to fix. For any such Triby, we are happy to resolve this at our cost, though I’m glad you were able to achieve this on your own. Thank you for your feedback and if we can be of any further assistance, please visit our Help Center at

I have purchased several Tribys on Woot recently, and I was able to use my Android device to configure each Triby, albeit it was a struggle. I assume that the older hardware that only works with iOS is not being sold here. There are many issues with the Triby, so just be ready to deal with a time consuming buggy process to get things to work. Do not be surprised when features stop working which require going through the time consuming setup process over and over again.

I have been dealing with Invoxia support now for the last 3 or 4 months reporting problems which can take weeks to resolve or never do get fixed. Unfortunately, Invoxia apparently does not have the technical skills to understand or resolve issues, so things may never work as advertised.

For this price offered here on Woot, it is not a bad deal if you want a decent bluetooth speaker with maybe the possibility of other nice powerful features that work on and off. Do not expect much help from Invoxia customer support when things do not work. If they can not fix something, they just make excuses and say the device is operating as-designed or simply close the ticket without offering a resolution.

Too bad that a device like the Triby which was designed to be simple with a few but powerful features like Alexa and VOIP is not fully implemented and has so many bugs. There have been no firmware updates as far as I can tell in the last 4 months to fix any of the many bugs.

Pros: Nice hardware, good speakers and sound quality, Alexa (when it works), VOIP calls (when it works), good VOIP call quality (microphone picks up conversations in the room very well), looks good on refrigerator, intercom feature which enables a communication channel to be established without intervention from the called party (very useful for monitoring aging parents)

Cons : Buggy firmware, buggy beta Android app, configuration difficult and buggy via Android, time display can be off by hours (no way to configure proper time zone from app or on Triby), humidity readings may be way off probably due to calibration error in firmware, Alexa and VOIP features periodically stop working or become unavailable, some Alexa features not supported, difficult for me to wake up Alexa via wake-up word, poor technical support by Invoxia

Thank you for the very thorough insights!

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