Alexa-Enabled TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker

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Alexa-Enabled TRIBY Smart Portable Speaker
Price: $69.99
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This is a super affordable way to get Alexa into your life. The audio quality is better than an Echo Dot as well.

I bought 3 of these previously.
Sent one back (had problems that Triby support couldn’t fix).

Bought Echo Dots since, which I am happy with, except for the muffled sound that lacks bass and volume (but knew these Dot limitations beforehand, so otherwise satisfied with Dot).

Saving to get an Echo to replace a Dot in the bedroom (the Echo has much better and louder sound, particularly bass, than the Dot or the Tap, so audiobooks sound better, a Triby that used to be in the same bedroom had WiFi dropouts).

. Loud
. Good bass
. Sound is reportedly better than the Tap, and definitely better and louder than the Dot
. Magnetic back lets you stick it to your fridge when you put one in the kitchen
. Built-in battery so you can use it like the Amazon Tap (BTW, the Tap, via a software update, is now always listening, no need to tap)
. Has a convenient handle

. WiFi not as good as Echo Dot, has poor reception
. Doesn’t respond the first time you address it.
. Hangs/crashes randomly and needs a reboot
. Does not support IFTT (If This Then That) unlike Amazon Echos (2nd gen Triby, $200 list, supports IFTT) which lets Triby control other devics like home hubs
. Too few online radio stations you can assign to the station buttons. My favorite local radio station isn’t listed, so need to keep a transistor radio in the kitchen. You can’t enter the URL of your favorite station into Triby.

If I could have WiFi repeaters throughout the house, would consider buying these again.