Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo


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Note to TT: Minor typo on the clearance page - “thie month’s”.

June is busting out all over! (How’s THAT for an old reference?!) Celebrate the start of summer and kiddies going crazy with thie month’s Woot-Off!

Thank you! Fixed!

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I thought this was an odd idea, but I got a couple anyway last time and found it’s actually very handy-much better for pausing or skipping over a song rather than screaming at Alexa. Also nice for a quick pause for a phone call, etc. Would be great if you’re using headphones and don’t want to keep using voice controls-like in a cubicle, etc.

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I added this to the cart, signed in using Amazon, got blank page. Now it’s sold out. Boo!

It takes a bit for the address and payment things to populate. You might have been trying to buy it right as it was ending.

But also make sure you allow woot & amazon cookies.

I can’t believe I forgot about the wootoff song for years, does the player show up on mobile?

Sorry. Doesn’t look like it.