Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

Alexa Voice Remote for Amazon Echo

Please fix whatever horrible update you did. I have uninstalled the app because I thought that was the issue. Nope! The screen constantly freezes when I try to move to checkout. The “proceed to checkout” and the “place order” buttons are both unresponsive. This has been my experience this entire woot-off. It’s infuriating and NOT related to any BOC’s. If it’s any help to resolve it seems to be Android specific. I am switching to my Fire Tablet after work to try to checkout with something this Woot-off

Same for me using window’s PC, chrome browser. Their system is jank, not just the app. Checkout (wantone) is crazy slow today.

Hi there. Could you give me some more information:

Device & Version
OS & version
App version

Have you restarted your phone since you reinstalled?
Might also try clearing app data.

I think I had a similar issue when I was trying to buy the Alexa Dot on my iPhone 8, but thought it was that the better quality ones kept selling out, and I was not going to go for an acceptable condition one.

Brand new install of the App…

Looks like we had a spike around this time. That might have slowed response time in the app and made it look like nothing was happening. Please let me know if it happens again.

My app has been a bit wonky as well. I get the push update for new item but can’t get to the newly listed item for at least a minute. I also logged in again with Amazon and for the first time, got text and email from Amazon making sure it was really me who logged in.

Galaxy s10+

I have a new phone coming from Woot so just hoping that’ll fix this issue :grimacing:

It’s always Samsungs. LOL.

There might be a bit of a lag on quick moving sales.

Not sure on that Amazon login. They own that. We just use their widget.

My address book is not available at checkout?

Hello there. It cane take a bit to load. Also look for a “Use this address” check box.

If that doesn’t work, try logging out and back in. If on the app, try restarting the app.