Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack

I like a zesty book as much as the next person but actual spices at a bookstore? What’s next, edible pages?

check out the set on the barnes & noble site here–the images show that the names of the spices are printed on the lids. (and in a rather attractive manner, too!)

edit: while i was typing, others found this, too! <=)

What’s wrong with acrylic?

The entire thing looks to be very narrow, a better option than 30 store containers.

Has anyone found this item or a similar item on a different site so we can have something to compare with. I want to know how good of a deal this is.

Just call me Francis Dolarhyde…(too obscure?)

I’m thinking they will look dull and ugly over time. And overall feel cheap… I’d prefer glass as well.

Is this just the rack? Or are the spices included? From what I read of the description, it just says the Spice Rack is for sale, and the 30 spices are available, not included…

Are these spices gluten free? Some companies use wheat flour in their ground spices to prevent clumping.

I don’t think that image is for this product… tumeric and mustard seed, amongst some others, aren’t on the list of included products.

Of course… there is no way of really telling what these tubes are made from… since BN may list is as glass, woot lists it as a non-existent material (arcylic???) which is neither glass, nor acrylic. It is a mystery. We all like mysteries, don’t we?
Anyway, it is spendy for spices… because you will really only use maybe a quarter of what is there (or less). Buy little jars, and bulk spices you actually use, and paint or print out nice little labels.

Oh please don’t tell me that’s the case after I just bought it…

These tubes look too small to hold bay leaves…

“Chrome-finish rack with 30 spice filled arcylic tubes”

From the description on the homepage: “Chrome-finish rack with 30 spice filled arcylic tubes”

The tubes are spice-filled, so yes, spices are included.

Could be crushed bay leaves.

I purchased a veeerrrryyy similar set of spices at a T.J. Maxx about a year ago, and found them to be exceptionally stale. I still have the jars & holder, though, and keep my own stash therein.

I’ve never seen a recipe that calls for crushed bay leaves. I’ve always put them in whole and pulled them out once the dish was finished cooking.

Same here, but I have seen crushed bay leaves in a jar. So even if the description is right, that there are bay leaves, I think you’re right that the jars are too small for whole bay leaves.

If the bay leaves are fresh, they can be rolled up just fine. I buy bay leaves in a tiny little box, you wouldn’t believe the size.

Yeah, I’m worried about the age and the quality of the seal around the lid. Definitely doesn’t look air-tight. I recently moved to a more humid location and most of the spices in my crappy spice rack clumped up like rocks.