Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack

Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack
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PRODUCT: 1 Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack - With Spices

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Today’s offer seems to be the best price by $10! Go WOOT!

the wife bought something like this for me a few years ago. the rack she got me had less spices than 30. A lot of those spices are worth more than a $1 each…which is why i would avoid this.

the spices that i got in my rack were rather weak and pointless

Bought it last year - great, fresh spices. Husband loves to cook and feel like he’s a mad scientist with the test tube looking spices.

What happened to the salt/ pepper grinders? I was about to order one? Sell-out or do they change products up for gift week?

Woot, can i still get my grind on?

I’ve got my fingers crossed for a decanter and/or some glasses (I broke all mine because I made the mistake of using them while drinking).

How long does this Woot Gifting go on usually?

In for one, i just had to get it. Love the cheaper price!!! that and I am a scientist and already use glass beakers for my oils on the counter. Merry Christmas to me!

Sorry to say, but I think you might be SOL on the decanter. WD hinted during the woot-off that the decanter deal on Dec. 1st was the last of the decanters.

Anyone know of the quality of the spices? If they’re too old they lose their flavor.

bought this last year… still have most of the spices, and they’re still plenty spicy! the little tubes are quite air-tight.

Thanks for the info. In for one as a gift.

After using these spices, I’d add some different powders in it to recreate the ending of the 1960s Batman film. Just add water! Soft water!

Love this as a gift! In for 3!

“I’d add some different powders in it to recreate”

I was wondering where you were going when I got this far…

How much space do they take up on a counter? And how long can you store them?

The woots are changing every 12 hours (noon and midnight CST) during gift week.

Dimensions: 10.75” W X 3.78” D X 9.61” H

Shelf life depends on the spice.

What is the shelf life of spices?

the rack is a little less than a foot across and about 3-4 inches deep. don’t know how long but like I said before I’ve had mine for a year and they’re still good!