Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack

Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack
$24.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack - With Spices

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Can this be mounted to the wall?

Does anybody know the volume of each tube?

If anyone’s curious, this is how the spices are labeled.

Expensive spices in clear containers. I’m worried about the sunlight damaging the spices. Any thoughts?

Last time these were $40 plus shipping! This is much more reasonable at $15 off. V tempted. How long will these spices last if kept well in the average room temperature?

This can be mounted with some ingenuity, so long as you don’t mind drilling into your cabinets. It is not designed for mounting, but the wire metal is very solid.

I’d also like to know an expiration date prior to buying…

This one came up in December as well.

From that thread, bruce gives a better size reference, which is something I wanted.

Each lid has a clear sticker with the name of the spice in black print. Mine have stayed on, but I’d imagine they would peel off easy enough if you wanted to repurpose a spice container you did not usually use.

Bought mine last sale, love it. Spices are labeled on top. Only complaint is they are a tad evil to refill.

Woot! $5 cheaper than the last offer!!

The sets I purchased as gifts last year did not have an expiration date that I can remember, but spices usually last 2-3 years. They don’t really “go bad,” they just get weaker as they age - meaning you have to use more of them.

I bought these the last time they were offered. The spices are quite fresh and should last for a year. My girls saw it and they both tried to walk out with it. I’m thinking about getting them their own. the rack is very nice and doesn’t take up much room. All the tubes are labeled on the lid so you can get just what you are looking for.

I think they go up to 11

i love the set of these i bought last year. they fit perfectly in the cupboard above the stove when i slide the stand in lengthwise.

the herbs are packed pretty tightly, so you’ll want to get used to tapping the plastic vial to loosen the contents before pouring to measure. that way you’ll keep from dumping a stuck pile into your measuring spoons!

You can use a paper funnel. Get some parchment paper and roll it into a cone, tap the spices in and the higher sides will catch anything that might spill over. The spices shouldn’t stick to the parchment either.

Do the tubes have shaker holes?

No shaker holes. You don’t want air or humidity to get to your spices.