Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack

Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack
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PRODUCT: 1 Alexander 30 Tube Spice Rack - With Spices

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That’s funny. I bought this last time, and have it here in the kitchen. Good spices, fresh and good taste. I even like the sea salt. A few wasted tubes, like you don’t get many Bay leaves and there’s a whole tube of peppercorns (cheat), things like that, but in general it’s pretty good quality. One or two of my tubes were stuck in the metal frame and one slightly cracked on prising it out, but it’s generally very good. Some hot / eastern spices, and some goood herby European ones too.

Just as a heads up – I ordered this last time it was offered and when it got here, three of the tubes were cracked and the frame was bent so some of the tubes couldn’t even be removed. Woot had a replacement sent out, and that frame was bent too, though in a different spot, and one of the tubes is stuck in it, with another being cracked/spiderwebbed.

Between the two of them we have a fully functional spice rack, and we know which ones we can’t use, so I guess those ones will be decorative.

Awesome! I’m in!

Are the tubes big enough to hold a reasonable supply of spices? Or am I going to have to refill them after each recipe?

They look tiny…

I bought one last time it was on. It is in my kitchen. It has a nice look to it. The spices are good. I had no problems with it when I got it. Good deal.

I got one of these from a previous woot and I think they’re great. They hold enough that they won’t run out after a lot of meals and if you get a pack of one of those 3M Command hook things, you can hang it on the wall pretty easy.

It’s about 8 inches long (about an inch shy of the length of my hand) and half an inch internal diameter. That’s probably less than a Vons spice bottle, but let’s say you bought 20 out of these 30 there at $3.99+tax, you’d probably realise you’d find this both cooler, cheaper and better quality :smiley:

Got one two or three woot-offs ago. Spices are on the downward side of fresh, a couple are pretty flavor- and odor-less. Rack was bent slightly, but not so badly that it can’t be used. Bottles can be a pain to refill, and there’s no way I’m going to try to refill the bay leaves.

That said, it’s a neat rack and looks pretty cool. There are a couple of spice mixes in here that are interesting, and they’ve blown people away on popcorn and movie night. (I put them on the popcorn, not the movie.)