Alexandria Nicole Cellars Red Trio


Looks like a nice wine trio. Might have to pick some up after some more reseach.


Prices from their website:
$27 1 Alexandria Nicole Cellars 2003 Syrah
$30 1 Alexandria Nicole Cellars 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon
$24 1 Alexandria Nicole Cellars 2003 Merlot


Ditto that. I’ve been searching for links to someone that’s actually tasted these. Not much out there.


3 bottles for $65… …c’mon w00t… that’s not a woot. dangit.


I want it, but I just don’t have the space for it. :frowning:


Research will be tough. I checked on CellarTracker… no results at all.

Looks like we will have to depend on comments from the winery, but I’m definitely interested.


Looks good … but I’ve made a vow to not buy anymore reds until I am no longer storing them on the floor in their styrofoam containers. I seem to have run out of room! I might have yielded to a good Reisling, though… (that is a hint/plea…is anyone listening?) Good luck to everyone else this week.


thinking Reisling more like in the spring time - no?


I can’t find price references, but this is a deal … I have two of these bottles in my collection from a local wine store and paid $26 each for them.


Not a lot has been written about Alexandria Nicole because they are a fairly new winery. Well, more accurately, a new label.

Jarred Boyle, with his wife Ali, partnered with a Seattle developer and a few Prosser, WA residents to change his Destiny Ridge Vineyard into Alexandria Nicole in 2002. IN 2004 they released their first wines to the public. You can read more about it from a few years ago here:

But they’ve really come on big in Washington as a well-known wine producer in just two short years. They are distributed in high end grocery stores here (Metropolitan Market), at least a few varieties in local wine shops, and most recently I saw them prominently featured in Sea-Tac airport’s new wine bar, Vino Volo.

I’ve only had their Viognier, and it’s fabulous - slightly floral and crisp, with a slight sweetness of pear, but no dry or thin effect most Californian viognier wines have, but I have heard their Syrah is fabulous. Typical of the region, with earthy flavors, bold fruit and slightly big tanins, yet a clarity and smoothness that pairs well with white cheddars and chocolate mouse.


I agree - I like to see more whites in the Summer, and I think wine.woot knows this - keep the winter-time reds coming!

And THANK YOU for getting Washington wines back.


You mind find it interesting and telling that each week a Washington Wine has been featured on wine.woot , statistically - WA measured in terms of by state- leaps into the top 5 in total sold. Compelling.


I’m in for one, because I’m crazy like that…


That’s very interesting - we Washingtonians love our own wineries I suppose. And I love how wine.woot has those stats at hand, that’s awesome.


Through Wine-Searcher I was able to find the 03’ Syrah @ 32.99 and the 03’ Merlot @24.70 no mention of the Cab in any year. so thats $57.69 without the Cab. which is probaly in the $30 range.


I was able to find this on CellarTracker…

2003 Cabernet Destiny Ridge
Tasted by Redteeth on 7/2/2006 & rated 86 points: A nicely made wine exhibiting true Washington characteristics of lush fruit. Very enjoyable but at least on this occasion I did not find it rising above the verious other good WA Cabernets available. For the money it is a good value.

2001 Syrah Destiny Ridge
Tasted by Londello on 10/18/2004 & rated 92 points: W&S described it as spice-box. It’s truer to a Pape in complexity and not the fruit bombs most other WA. tend to be. A unique expression of syrah that should be copied!


Well, looks like I’m left out for another week. Which is a shame, because I’d buy this simply because its Washington State. . .but, I’ve noticed that most of the time we have a Washington wine on offer, Indiana is not on the list (I know, nobody’s fault involved with Woot or the wineries, but I still gotta, ahem, whine about it. . .)

Guess I’ll check back next week.


Ok, my kids are going get pissed, I have more wine than food in the house! LOL!
Sounds like a great Trio, I am in for one!


You’re right. A 20% savings isn’t that great. We can do better!