Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

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Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System
Price: $99.99
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Nice price drop, but I live in a first-world country with potable water.

Price and availabilty of filters?

Sometimes even potable water needs filtration, like here our tap has so much chlorine in it that any standing water ends up smelling like a bleach bottle.

How does this compare to a Berkey? Berkey filters last 1000-1500 gallons if treated properly.

So it would be nice if the Alexapure rep would show up to answer questions.

This looks like it:

Flint Michigan wishes it was in a first-world country.

heh. Woot should score a feather in their cap and ship some up there.

BIG SPLASH. Gain a lot of good will. Because Lord knows, the website is dying.,0,558,441.jpg

Welp, the filter costs as much as the whole unit ($97) so that’s a deal breaker.

This one holds .25 gallons more water and the filter last twice as long compared to the Berkey.

So it holds a quart more? Whoa.

$79.95 for replacement filter

I get filters here a couple times a year for about $50.00. Still way cheaper than Berkeley, and filters a lot more water.

Chlorine is not as bad as fluoride, I don’t hear mention of that. Fluorde is the worst.

  • where ? I think Woot stripped out the url… thx NetMechDB

I can’t tell from what I’ve read so far. Can you put clear untreated water from a lake or river in this and get drinking water out of it, or is this more for the anti-government crowd who thinks tap water is poisoned?

Beware of all water filters that don’t list micron filtering size. Look for .01 filtering which stops VIRUSES as well as bacteria. Todays woot offer is a nice looking home water filter for water already treated by the local government but NOT the best choice for emergency use. You can buy home water filters that do as well or better than this one for half the price. Lifestraw has outdoor use filters with .01 micron capability and 5000 gallon life for $50.

Can you say Flint, Michigan?