Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System

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Alexapure Pro Water Filtration System
Price: $89.99
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Amazon’s strangest addition to the Echo line.

This looks like a knockoff of the Berkey water filtration system. If the filter works as well, which I don’t know, that is a good price. Replacement filters for my Berkey usually cost between $90 and $100 when I get them. One tip, with these stainless steel systems they can become airlocked and not only reduce flow but stop it. On mine I placed a paperclip at the top of the bottom container. This allows air to escape and keeps the flow from the filter on top going.

Looks like a Berkey filter system but it is NOT A Berkey! No claims of totally purified water. Berkey cost $250+ . You get what you pay for folks.

It is just a cheap knock-off.

Here’s info on the unit for those who don’t just want to make assumptions.

Hardly a credible and trustworthy site.

Does it get rid of Flouride?

Can you use the Berkey filters (black and flouride/arsenic) for this?

My in-laws live in a city with pretty awful tasting (but safe) tap water. They use an Alexapure (not sure if same model) and the water that comes out of it tastes perfectly fine. I don’t know if it gets rid of specific harmful chemicals but it definitely helps the taste.

People buy stuff from an infowars store? These people who just make up lies and crazy stuff?

Reminds me of the radio ads saying paper money will soon be worthless and gold will be super expensive, then tell you they will take your paper money and sell you their gold. Think about it.

I dont see anything about fluoride. That’s my big concern. Does the Berkeley remove fluoride?

I purchased one of these on WOOT about 6 months ago. I tested the water using the TDS (total dissolved solids) meter from my ZERO WATER pitcher, a Britta pitcher I own and my tap water. With new filters in all of the units, the Alexapure is no better than the Britta and neither one can come close to the ZERO WATER. The filters are expensive for the Alexapure. I would suggest that you not waste your money on this item. I posted a message on Amazon with the actual numbers after I did the test.

Will Woot deliver to Puerto Rico? Sounds like they could use these over there.

From an independent lab. Also I’ve used one for the last year. Testing by local extension office showed pure water as compared to water heavy in nitrates and Chromium.

I’m on well water not a local utility.

The link I posted above shows 97.6 % removal.
I’m not affiliated in any way with any company that sells these.

I might have been interested but the replacement filter is more than this whole system.

An electric distiller is often $99 and distills a liter in a few hours. I’ve used the same unit for two years with well water.

Zerowater does not filter microbials, cysts or VOCs like phenol. Zerowater is intended as a secondary filter on municipal water supplies.

Alexapure does filter out VOCs and microbials. Meaning you can give it well or river water and be reasonably protected from diseases and herbicide/pesticide poisoning.

Alexapure is suitable for keeping at a off-grid cabin or for emergencies. I am tempted to buy it for my tornado shelter.